Why are Premier League players moving to Serie A?


Should Players Pay Their Own Agents…? It Would Cost Premier League Clubs £166m A Year!

Dan Geey and I take a look at agents fees:
are they out of control, what are the suggested solutions and would they work?


Why wasn't Sergio at Wentworth?

He could have finished 8th and lost money!


The rules are there and clear for all of us; if you don’t meet the tests for UK residence, you are not taxed in the UK on your worldwide income – simple.


"The truth is, in the UK you have a big regime for tax... This is very difficult. I am playing in the UK and losing money." - Rafael Nadal


Image rights companies are basically footballers just doing whatever they can to avoid tax, right…?

Join the club!

About Taxing Sport

I am a tax adviser in the Sport & Entertainment team at Saffery Champness LLP.

​There are lots of tax issues prevalent in the world of sport and plenty of headlines in the media, often with a lack of substance or understanding behind them.​

Hopefully this blog will explain a bit more about how it all works.

– Rhys Linnell

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