Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

“Since hiring Saffery Champness (and working with Pete and Rhys specifically), I have felt extremely comfortable that my tax and accounting affairs are in the best hands.  Any lingering issues from my time with my previous advisor have been dealt with efficiently and explained thoroughly.

Saffery work closely with my agent and financial advisor (as well as liaising with Liverpool) to ensure that my finances are in order and allow me to concentrate on my football.”

– Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Alex Bjork
“Before I spoke to Rhys, I didn’t fully understand the tax implications of coming to play golf tournaments in the UK. I am now more aware of the time that I spend in the UK, the apportionment of my endorsement contracts and expenses, and how those feed into my UK (and subsequently Swedish) tax return.

As well as my UK affairs, Rhys and my agent work together in co-ordinating my worldwide tax filings, whether that be due to activity in France, the US, or otherwise.”

– Alex Bjork

Will Hughes

“Rhys and Saffery look after the accounting and tax affairs that my profession as a professional footballer requires, and understandably are experts in that field.

However, more than that, they look after me as an individual across all of my business interests, working with me every step of the way.”

– Will Hughes

Greg Rutherford

“From the time which I started working with Rhys, I have really seen the value in having an accountant who is an expert in their field.

Saffery Champness were fantastic in dealing with the transition (and hangover) from my previous accountant; ensuring that my affairs are up to date and I am fully aware of what needs paying and when.

They are also at the end of the phone as and when I have any questions.”

– Greg Rutherford

Brad Shields

“Coming over from New Zealand, Rhys has been a great help in both sorting out and helping me understand my UK financial affairs.

He explained clearly the tax implications of my Wasps and England contracts, dealing with both parties accordingly, but has also been a great help in tasks such as getting bank accounts set up and talking me through my payslip such that I can focus on training knowing that everything is taken care of behind the scenes.”

– Brad Shields

Antonio Rudiger
“Rhys works directly with my agent in managing the tax and accounting affairs in the UK for both me personally and my image rights company.

He’s been an invaluable resource since I signed for Chelsea in the summer of 2017, co-ordinating my financial, property and legal advice along the way.

He is now an integral part of ‘Team Rudiger’.”

– Antonio Rudiger

Jordan Smith

“Rhys works closely with my agent in ensuring that my off the course needs are met.

It is great having Rhys on the ground in the UK when my agent and I are both on the road to co-ordinate anything that needs organising back at home, whether that be financial, legal or otherwise.

He is also out on tour periodically which is very useful as we can chat through in person any questions that I might have during a long stint on tour.”

– Jordan Smith